Can flat feet predispose you to back pain?

Having flat feet is a condition that you may have been born with or have acquired over time.  You may not even notice that you have flat feet unless someone points it out to you or you start to develop aches and pains.

When we are younger are bodies are able to adapt to mechanical imbalances.  It is not until we are older that we start to feel the ill effect of these mechanical imbalances on our bodies.  For example, as we age our ligaments in our feet may lose the ability to hold our arches in the proper position.  When this happens it creates imbalances and added stress that may lead to pain not only in the foot, like plantar fasciitis; but create misalignment and pain in our ankles, knees, hips, and even our backs.   Think of the tires on a car not being balanced appropriately.  At first there may be no signs or symptoms until eventually the tread may start to wear unevenly.  If not balanced the tire may now start to wobble and if this continues it may then create significant front end issues in your car.

As chiropractors we evaluate and treat mechanical imbalances in our patients every day.  We recognize not only spinal imbalances but evaluate and treat other areas of the body that contribute to spinal pain.  Our feet are our foundation and this is why evaluation and treatment of the foot is so important in chiropractic.  In our office our doctors are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of flat feet contributing to aches and pains and to offer in office treatment options to correct this imbalance.


David J Isabella DC, ICCSP

Seneca Chiropractic & Family Wellness

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