Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an integral part of our unique approach to your health.  Over time, stress wreaks havoc on both physical and mental well-being. Regular massage works to counteract the heavy impact of stress, by relaxing and reducing the tension in your muscles.  Some of the benefits of massage include increased circulation, increased lymphatic flow, elevated mood and stress relief.  Many different kinds of people can benefit from massage, even if your stress levels are relatively low. For instance, if you live a sedentary life, massage helps to keep the blood moving throughout your body more effectively. At Seneca Chiropractic & Family Wellness, our massage therapists offer a variety of techniques, including deep tissue and medical massage which are highly effective in treating athletic injuries, releasing trigger points, and increasing blood flow to the muscles for optimal function and improved quality of life.

Wellness Rewards

Being a patient at Seneca Chiropractic & Family Wellness can be a life changing event by creating a wellness lifestyle and experiencing all of the benefits that go along with a healthier you. We have a program to offer you incentives for living a healthy lifestyle and letting your friends and family know about your life changing experience at Seneca Chiropractic & Family Wellness.

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