Antioxidants: Help or Hype

July 30, 2019

In researching this post the information is somewhat controversial.  But I already knew this from previous research I have done on antioxidants for general health and wellness.  The whole idea of antioxidants totally makes sense to me and I am a proponent of using them for general health and more so with exercise, especially those […]

What are Knots?

January 30, 2018

We all have them. Knots. But what are they?   Knots are the result of muscle fibers sticking together. Our bodies are meant to move, stretch and work. When we are stationary for long periods of time, working at a desk for 8 hours a day for example, when we are chronically dehydrated or malnourished […]

Can flat feet predispose you to back pain?

November 14, 2017

Having flat feet is a condition that you may have been born with or have acquired over time.  You may not even notice that you have flat feet unless someone points it out to you or you start to develop aches and pains. When we are younger are bodies are able to adapt to mechanical […]

Factors that Influence Lean Muscle Mass and Improved Health

October 12, 2017

One important aspect of creating lean muscle mass has to do with levels of two important hormones, testosterone and human growth hormone (hGH), both of which may be influenced by diet. However both can also be influenced by type of exercise as well. Diet composition and amount of calories can influence testosterone levels. Diets that […]

Can a slouched posture affect your breathing?

September 07, 2017

The answer is yes, especially in those individuals that have preexisting conditions such as asthma or populations at higher risk for breathing ailments such as smokers.   During a normal breath the chest should expand allowing the lungs to fill with air. When an individual has rounded shoulders and a forward head position muscle groups […]

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